The story of this website

Back in 2007, my wife and I traveled around the world, and of course we also wanted to spend some time in India. We've never been to India before, but we heard and read a lot about it. Some people love it, some don't, but everyone agrees on one thing: nobody returns unmoved.

Having backpacked all around the world, we wanted to do the same in India. We met Narender Sharma during our first day in Delhi, when he was driving us from the airport to the hotel. He asked us if we already had any plans, and that he would know a good travel agency, but we politely declined - we wanted to organize everything by ourselves.

Our experience was that it was very difficult to organize anything in India, especially during a busy season. For example, I had tried to book a hotel in Delhi from Zurich, and only a single hotel returned my email request (saying they were full). The variability of hotels in India is mind blowing, and so are the prices. Most people are frustrated with finding good accommodation (just go to tripadvisor.com and search for hotel reviews in Delhi, and you'll see what I mean).

Transportation in India is simply crazy. You share the road with people, bicycles, mopeds, car, trucks, animals, everyone. It's one loud honking concert. Trains are often very full, and it can be hard to find a ticket. Booking hotels as you go can be a nightmare. We met one woman from the US in Rajasthan in a hotel who was trying to find accomodation for the next night. She spent about three days finding a place and organizing a train ticket, because most internet connections were usually down, hotels were full or would not accept her credit card and so on and so forth.

Having said that, organizing your way through this chaos can of course be a great adventure! However, in our case, we really wanted to spend the time visiting places. So we decided to call the travel agency Narender recommended and travel with him as a driver. We had an absolutely fantastic time. We have a travel blog where you can read about our trip in India (here and here).

We would sometimes have lunch or dinner with Narender, and it quickly became clear that one day, he would like to have is own agency and be his own boss. Since I had some experiences with creating websites, I suggested he should contact me as soon as he's ready to go, and that I would be very happy to help him in any way I can (for free, of course). This is our thank you for the fantastic time we had in India, in large part thanks to Narender.

(One final note: The pictures that you see at the top of this website were taken by us on our trip with Narender - which just goes to show how amazing the trip with Narender was.)


Your host

My name is Narender Sharma, and I am happy to be your host for your adventure in India.