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[Note: this is a review from a german traveler - see below for more english reviews]
Meine Frau und ich haben im Januar 2014 eine 7 taegige Reise mit Narender durch Rajastan gemacht. Gestartet sind wir in Delhi. Narender hat uns am Flughafen abgeholt um uns kennen zu lernen. In unserem Hotel haben wir uns zusammengesetzt um den Ablauf der Reise zu besprechen. Wir hatten bereits konkrete Vorstellung davon welche Orte wir besuchen wollten. Nach 2 Tagen Aufenthalt in Delhi und einer Einladung von Narender zu sich nach Hause zum Essen wo wir seine Frau und seine Tochter Gauri kennengelernt haben, ging es frueh morgens los nach Baratpur wo das Vogelschutzgebiet Keoladeo liegt.

Unser Reiseverlauf war Baratpur- Ranthambore-Bundi-Chittorgarh-Udaipur.

Alles hat gut geklappt. Wichtig Narender ist ein guter, umsichtiger Fahrer. Er hatte immer ein paar Tips vor Ort auf Lager. Wir konnten uns die Zeit immer einteilen wie wir wollten. Kurzum wir koennen sagen, der Preis, der Service stimmte und Narender selbst war ein angenehmer Reisebegleiter.

Axel Braasch und Ira Neubauer aus Karlsruhe
(added February 2014)

Our wonderful trip to Incredible India went without a hitch... all due to Narender Sharma of Gauri Tours.

How did we find him? The short version of a long story is that we had received quotations from a couple of tourist agents based in India, and every itinerary was more or less the same, similar hotels, the same day trips, same pricing etc., it was almost as if they came from one source under different names. There was nothing that excited us and then we discovered Gauri Tours through a posting on TripAdvisor.

During a flurry of emails Narender made some suggestions (over and above that of the other agents) and that peeked our interest and the rest is history. We were sold!!! We put our lives in his hands, he made suggestions, we raised questions and requests and all were met.

It was quite early on a Friday morning that we arrived at Delhi airport. Narender was there to meet us, whisked us to our hotel, which had agreed on an early check-in, and after an hour spent freshening up we were on our way to explore Delhi. Driving through Delhi's hectic traffic was exhilarating at times, but Narender's expertise kept us from any "near misses"

Three days later we hit the road and travelled to Agra and Rajasthan and then back to Jaipur to board a flight to Chennai.

During the 9 days travelling with Narender in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Pushkar, we felt absolutely safe at all times. It was obvious that our wellbeing was number one on Narender's list. Not at any time, whether in the car, on foot, at tourist sites, restaurants, hotels etc. did we feel unsafe. To the contrary there were times that we felt safer in the care of Narender and the other guides than we do in some areas at home.

We visited most of the main tourist sites but also did some "off the beaten track" exploring which is want we wanted... e.g. We did not stick rigidly to an itinerary - we made some last minute requests and these were met, we said that we really did not want to visit another museum or temple and it was not a catastrophe - the flexibility was good.

Narender was punctual at all times, (he had to wait on us a few times, because we lingered a bit, especially when shopping or when we were in awe of some architecture), but Narender was very patient, always smiling, courteous and caring.

We spent just over three weeks travelling around India starting at Delhi and ending in Mumbai. Narender, although based in Delhi arranged our trips in Goa and Mumbai as well and all went well. We even had a very late check-out at our hotel in Mumbai. All these impressed us very much and we highly recommend Narender and Gauri Tours for an Incredible trip in India, Yes, Narender's arrangements and trips live up to the title "Travelling India with a peace of mind"

Will we travel with him again? - YES, we have already discussed travelling to other parts of India, which we could not slot in on this trip, so hopefully we will be able to fulfil that in the not too distant future.

Thank you Narender for a truly wonderful trip with lovely memories.

Noreen and Natalie, Cape Town, South Africa. October 2013
(added December 2013)

"Our vacation to India was so relaxing and fun because of the incredible services of Gauri Tours. Without the knowledge and experience of our driver we would never have had such an unforgettable vacation. Our driver was not only kind and sincere but also very honest and truly cared about us and our overall experience. He was also flexible and accommodating to our interests and our needs. Narender also extraordinarily punctual, always where he promises 5 to 10 minutes earlier then the call times we set which allowed us to have peace of mind on our travels.

When we first arrived in Delhi we were a bit overwhelmed by how difficult it was to get around and we had big plans to travel all across northern India by train. Unfortunately due to the holiday month we were unable to take trains and had no way to get across the country. Gauri Tours helped get us across northern India stress free and hassle free. The tour brought us to to all the sites we wanted to see and many more we never knew about. We covered more sites in a week then we saw in the entire month on our own in India. We appreciate your integrity and sincerity. This was a truly unforgettable experience.

I can honestly say the days we were with Narender we felt at ease, safe and were able to really experience Northern India."

Michael Prosserman and Melissa Yu, Toronto, Canada
(added September 2012)

"We met Narender and his friend Mishra on our first day in Delhi. They were very friendly. We had the pleasure to drive around Rajasthan with Mishra for 8 days - Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udajpur. He was punctual, professional and very helpful. We traveled in a group of 4-5 and we had a very comfortable air-conditioned car and nice hotels. We had a great time in India and we were in good hands. I'd recommend using Gauritours for everything from hotel bookings and full guided tours."

Elwira and Marta, Poland
(added April 2011)

"Mr. Narender Sharma is simply the best. He introduced us to the wonders of India, patiently answered questions ranging from customs to politics, advised us on do's and don'ts at each stop, accommodated our special requests, and maintained his unflappable good humor while expertly navigating through the unpredictable traffic. Narendar also rescued us from ordering our food too spicey and managed to recover a lost pair of shoes. Thanks to Narender's efforts, my daughters and I were able to thoroughly relax and experience India to the fullest. We were in good hands."

Lynn, Amy and Sara Hudson, Bethesda, Maryland  USA.
(added January 2011)

"Narender's assistance has been invaluable to our trip in India. We traveled in a group of 7 and we had a very comfortable air-conditioned mini Bus. We are offered very good hotels with reasonable tour cost. Most importantly, you can count on Narender when you are trying to locate something amongst the craziness of India, be it a rare souvenir or a temple you wish to visit! I would gladly recommend him to anyone who wishes to travel India. You will definitely have a wonderful experience as we do."

Louis Liao & Sharon Jong, Taiwan

"Narendar is a seasoned professional who is able to negotiate his way through the chaos and pandemonium of Indian roads, cities, and customs with assurance, aplomb, presence and humor. He was nearly unflappable. We heartily recommend the services he provides for a safe and serene passage through the thrill ride that is India."

Ron, Virginia, USA

"India can be a crazy place, but with the help of Narender, my mom and I felt right at home. We got around with ease and comfort with the assistance of one of Narender's drivers, Bitu. They were both very professional, punctual and made sure we were well taken care of. Narender went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure everything went smoothly. Next time I'm in India, I'll definitely call on him again."

Claire Moore, USA

"My friends and I met Narender on our first day in Delhi. He looked out for us and gave us frank advice on our jam-packed 2 weeks tour in India. Not only we had a good time with Narender in Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, and Jaipur, but we also got to know him very well as a person. Narender was more of a friend than a driver. We got to take a piece of the Indian culture and hospitality home in addition to all the great experiences along the way. Just as Tourism India would suggests, it was truly "Incredible India." We only wish our time with Narender was longer and wished that we had the opportunity to visit his family in his hometown."

Steven Chen, Canada

"My friend and me had the pleasure to drive around Rajhasthan with Narendar for 2 weeks - the classic amazing loop Delhi, Agra, Jodpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur and back to Delhi. He is a perfectly reliable, patient and experienced guide and of course fantastic driver. He made our trip fully smooth and I can only recommend him to anyone."

Katharina, Germany

"I have been to some thirty countries in the past few years, using a guide in many of them, and out of all of them I would rate Narender at the top. He's trustworthy, knowledgable, and most importantly just a really good guy. My experience in India would not have been the same without him. India is a fascinating country but also one not easy to navigate even for the most seasoned travelers. I'd fully recommend using Gauritours for everything from airport pick-ups, hotel bookings, and full guided tours!"

Nick Lee, United Kingdom

"My travels in India were enhanced by the expert driving and care of Narender Sharma. Narender is an excellent driver and very knowledgable about India. I felt very safe in my travels and learned a lot about India in conversations with Narender. I really appreciated that he took care to be sure that I was able to do all the things I had hoped for on my trip; not just the usual visits to sites, but, for example, visiting a school for miniature painters. I have recommended Narender to several business associates and friends and everyone has given very positive feedback."

Betsy Jenkins, USA

"We had a fantastic time in (crazy) India, and this is in the largest part due to Narender and the excellent services he provided. More on why we heartily recommend Narender can be found here."

Marcel and Rahel Salathé, Switzerland / USA

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